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MailHub for Sierra (was MailHub for El Capitan) is really a time-saving email management plugin that can file, delete, or enact actions on emails without leaving your inbox. Email from the contact or thread might be batch-filed to a mailbox (or deleted) which has a series of simple clicks of the mouse or key strokes, radically reducing time allocated to mail administration. MailHub even lets you specify filing destinations for an outgoing message during composition. Create new mailboxes as you go and set action reminders which means you won’t forget an important task later on.

Harvest enables you to track time lightning fast out of your desktop. Simple project and task selection make entering your time and energy a breeze. Start a timer in seconds which has a click or hotkey. Accidentally leave a timer running and Harvest provides you with a choice of taking out the idle time without delay. No second guessing, no hassle. Harvest is fast, free, and constantly accessible, so you spend less time managing your timesheet, and much more time emphasizing the task at hand.

Ockham is an innovative app for performing rigorous sensitivity analyses for the large number of parameters of your mathematical model. Sensitivity analysis is a crucially important tool for assessing and validating complex process models and to identify the key drivers over these models. Ockham reads input and output data representing a mathematical model in an open Excel worksheet to execute a global sensitivity analysis of the model. Its new and original procedure for global sensitivity analysis considers both single parameters and interactions between model parameters being a more complete, more accurate, and safer assessment of uncertainty than ‘one-factor-at-a-time’ approaches used in other software.

CM PDF Compress (formerly known as CM Shrink My PDFs) is an easy to utilize yet powerful app that may compress existing PDF documents to lower their file size. The app uses several special algorithm to cut back the file size by reorganizing the PDF structure, recompress the picture files and take off the unnecessary headers in the file while still retaining the File headers use a smaller file size for distribution. It supports password protected PDF if you contain the unlock password. You can set the various compression filters for color, grayscale and white and black contents. It comes with the option to keep the original creation and modification dates of the PDF.

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