Our Atlanta Real Estate services

Locating Your DREAM

Live Realty Group connects people, neighborhoods and lifestyles through Atlanta Real Estate.

Our vision is always insuring our buyer and seller real estate clients receive a WOW service experience with our team. We are dedicated to make this happen by ensuring our clients are receiving a valuable market perspective, gained through our knowledgeable agents. Their expertise has been gained by establishing themselves as Neighborhood and/or Niche Realtors – classified by home style or transaction type. By being focused on our real estate clients needs, which is ultimately critical for their desired results, our real estate firm succeeds.

People Centric

We our ‘relationship first’, striving to make our clients raving fans. They are the heart beat of our Atlanta Real Estate Firm, working together with us to achieve their dreams.

Neighborhood Focused

We are passionate about the neighborhoods that our Realtors serve, because they are community – engaging, contributing, and having fun, too, because they love it.

Lifestyle Enhanced

The big picture of your lifestyle is at the end of the day, it is about your personal preferences, being near work, friends or simply a fun place to play. “Live. Work. Play.”

Our Approach

Our clients receive a consultative approach by highlighting our acronym – 5 questions framed differently for buyer or seller clients.

D Desires are the bucket list on style, price, features and expectations.

R Requirements are the ‘must’ list to make it a happy real estate transaction.

E Experiences — your likes, dislikes and familiarity with today’s real estate process.

A Ability in accessing financial approvals — ensuring you are always in a comfortable situation.

M Motivation because ‘Life Happens’. Given time frame to move in or move on.

Knowing these answers will give us a foundation to best service our clients.

Our buyer approach is an personal experience after laying down the foundation of your lifestyle and home goals. The real estate journey begins mapping  prespective, insight and resources to find your home. Here is a few of the milestones:

Market Insight  identifying homes based on approved comfort, location and lifestyle narrowing it down to the one.

Offer Stragery completing a buyer analysis positioning on your abilities and approvals.

Paperwork Acceptance Review concluded negotiations forwarding to parties, lender and closing attorney.

Insure scheduling within inspection, appraisal and financing time periods are meet so that you can have a smooth closing.

Client Care resources are on hand for lenders, inspectors, attorneys, movers and contractors –you name it we know someone.

Our sellers approach is hands on after the foundation of expectation of sales and marketing perspective of your home. Here are a few of our critical paths positioning for a successful transaction:

Market Research for your property with neighborhood activity, community insight and buyer trends.

Marketing Strategy: Devise a property preparation plan insuring buyer positioning.

Comprehensive Presentation Plan enhancing the homes marketing story online/offline.

Sales Campaign: Deliver to the Marketplace putting the buzz out, stay updated on activity, traffic trends & feedback evaluating potential contract interest.

Contract Negotiation/Acceptance: Inform our sellers various paths that can be taken with goal of acceptance once conclude forward to parties & closing attorney.

Receive status updates on purchaser inspection, appraisal and financing time periods are meet so that it’s a smooth closing.

Utilization stage with its acreage losses and transfer lines, is a considerable big source environmental.