New Mac Apps: Inventory – Page 8

When it’s tax time forget about bringing a shoebox filled with receipts to your accountant. According to ruling Rev. Proc. 97-22 from your IRS, an electronic digital document is acceptable. With Paperless 3 you can create a Smart Collection and keep your documents neat and tidy as well as in one place. Additionally, after you store your receipts in Paperless 3, you’ll be able to choose the receipts to email, print, or export to PDF, or perhaps show like a chart.

Paint Pro can be an easy-to-use drawing tool and image editor that can assist that you draw pictures and edit your existing photos. With it you’ll be able to sketch and crop, rotate, scale images effortlessly. At the same time, you’ll be able to and text onto images as you would like. The app also supports layers, so you can re-edit them freely.

EnzymeX is a program for molecular biologists, developed to allow you to pick which restriction enzymes you should use to chop your DNA appealing. It now is often a complete DNA sequence analysis and editing program, which contains powerful and unique features and it is especially user-friendly. Never before was analyzing and editing your DNA constructs so simple therefore much fun!

BBEdit is an outstanding professional HTML and text editor. This application offers a plethora of features for editing, searching, and manipulating text. It easily transforms text rich in performance and boasts a brilliant interface. In fact, the most known features BBEdit offers include the following: grep pattern matching, search and replace across multiple files, function navigation and syntax coloring for various source code languages, FTP and SFTP open and save, and also AppleScript, Perl, and OS X Unix scripting support, glossary support, plus an entire list of HTML tools.

You’re fed up with straining your wrist from mousing returning to the menu bar continuously, particularly if you have a big screen, twin screens or a tablet+screen combo. Waste a shorter time, have more work done! All you need to do is assign a hotkey or mouse button (apart from right of left) into it. If you have a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, you need to use Magic Prefs (free) to create a virtual centre button for the kids. To access MenuMate’s preferences, click on about the octopus icon inside menu bar.


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