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DEVONnote is surely an easy-to-use, intelligent note pad able to storing and organising plain or rich texts and file aliases. Store and manage all of your bookmarks in DEVONnote too, browse the Web while using integrated browser according to Apple’s WebKit, capture interesting notes immediately or organize webcams. Furthermore, DEVONnote can help you sort in new stuff and supports cross and Wiki-style links.

It helps you quickly view numerious photos, travel through a pictures folder, within multiple windows or perhaps fullscreen. You can use a diaporama functionality, customize the background color, customize the desktop background picture in a single click, mark elements and move these to folders/trash or change their Finder color label immediately, read EXIF photographics tags, … Take the time to understand all the functionalitie and study the documentation.

Collins Italian-English Dictionary for Mac is the best resource for serious foreign language learners. In addition to robust dictionary content, this app includes flashcards, verb conjugation, grammar references, number translation, a hotkey for look-up in multiple applications, plus much more in a single easy-to-use interface.

solveLinEqs calculates the exact solution, when it exists, to a pair of linear equations from Rationals. It does this by doing the calculation using the type num/den, where num and den are unlimited length integers. There is no limit towards the quantity of linear equations which can be being solved. If the coefficient matrix has zero determinant, then that matrix is augmented with the right hand side vector or matrix and its reduced row echelon form is output. This can be used to discover if your equations are self-consistent. A second window shows the output in floating point with any chosen precision. And a third windowMore…

The Night Sky is a magical app so that one to identify stars, planets, galaxies, constellations as well as satellites. This Mac version of The Night Sky enables that you see the stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites from any location on the globe irrespective of where you happen to be located yourself.Here’s an example – you’re in Los Angeles but would like to know what The Night Sky in Australia looks like. No problem with The Night Sky, just position the globe over Australia, flick to star view and view the Australian sky. This will work anywhere on the globe.The Night Sky does this by using its high definition map in the sky and location data that you provide.

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