7 Effective Tools to Improve Slow Laptop Speed After Virus Removal

If you happen to download a virus or malware to your PC, your registry may become infected. While the contaminated data runs in the background while you go about your daily tasks, they drain the resources needed to keep your PC running smoothly. The Blue Screen of Death is something no one ever wants to see, although to be fair to Windows it doesn’t occur as often anymore. However, when it does happen, it’s typically a result of an issue with your registry. This is often because the application you’re attempting to launch does not have the files it needs to behave properly.

More often than not, when you’re uninstalling a program, not all the files in the registry are deleted. That means these files are susceptible to corruption and fragmentation, which, as you can guess, can create problems with your qlite3.dll download registry. When you install an application, your registry has to update with the necessary files to run the program. Uninstalling the program means the files have to be deleted from the registry, which includes removing the application itself.

After installing it ran a scan and found over 1,000 errors on my PC and fixed only one, then ask you to purchase the program to fix the 1,000 errors. PerfectRegistry has a backup and restore functionality, allowing you to completely undo a registry cleaning if necessary. Temporary Internet Files and Garbage files accumulate over time, occupying Gigabytes of space on your Hard drive and slowing down your computer. WinSysClean will remove these files and recover the lost space from your computer. Over 16 million downloads and more than 16 years of experience in Windows Registry Repair Tools.

Run Total Registry Revitalizer From The Windows Desktop Gadget

Remember, your computer needs enough memory to run all the applications and programs you want to use. As you continue to use your PC, the memory fills up while your applications and programs are running. If you aren’t sure how to optimize your memory, that space is lost, which causes poor PC performance.

Word never had a chance to remove the file from the list – so it remains in the registry – but the file’s been removed. That’s certainly not an error, and even if we thought that it was, I’d be hard pressed on where to place the blame. A program which you recommended – [name removed] – promises a free download and a free scan.

In order to reduce the issues you see, take a moment to learn what causes problems and then try to avoid them if at all possible. Problems with the registry can manifest through other means as well. You might experience browser crashes, intermittent connectivity, software freezing up, and many other problems as a result of a registry that needs a thorough cleaning.

  • If your registry cleaner provides you the access to log details, be sure to check it accurately and never delete everything at once despite how easy this may seem.
  • But unlike REGEDT32 and REGEDIT, they do not show all of the Registry You essentially program them to work with the small subset of Registry entries that you care about, using files called templates.
  • Also, always make backups as this can prevent losing your files and settings should something go wrong during the cleaning process.
  • Don’t worry there’s The system policy files are created for Windows NT and Windows with programs named System Policy Editor.
  • I say programs, plural, because there is a version for Windows NT and a version for Windows 95 98.

Not every review is accurate, but you should be able to gather enough information to know whether or not a registry cleaner is legitimate and will provide you with the features you need. Quick scans only do a cursory glance at your system and don’t address the problems that already exist in your registry. Additionally, a registry cleaner that does a quick scan probably won’t identify and fix deeper issues within your registry.

Resolving Registry Corruption

Sometimes when you purchase a new laptop or download a new program, bloatware or junkware come along with it. This cheap software is typically a cause of registry errors and unfortunately is sometimes unavoidable. If you don’t let your computer go through the appropriate shutdown process, you can damage entries and files in your registry. This includes doing things like pressing and holding the power button or pulling the plug and letting the battery drain on your laptop. When you run into problems with your registry, a reliable registry cleaner is one that will fix the problem and put you back on the right track.

There are many potential ways to store program and system settings. Let’s say you edit a document in Word, and word puts that document in its list of most recently edited files, which is kept in the registry. Now you exit Word, and later delete the file you edited.

It also helps your computer work more efficiently by making sure designated drivers are all up to date, and can even create a backup of your registry. Last but not least, this tool also has a feature that helps you choose which programs you want to wipe of the hard drive, and deletes duplicate information. All you need to do is hit the “Scan & Repair” button, and the software will automatically comb through your registry, identifying and correcting broken, corrupt, and missing registry data. In addition to fixing registry issues, it can even defragment your registry, which decreases the amount of work your hard drive has to do to read crucial registry values. Additionally, read reviews about what customers think when they use a specific registry cleaner.


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